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GDPR Employee Training and Development

Under the GDPR, each and every member of staff in your organisation is responsible for data protection. The Regulation touches every part of business, so it is essential that all employees play an active role in protecting personal information. It remains the case that despite the infinitely growing number of IT security threats, human error continues to be the principal cause of data breaches, which in turn leads to crippling fines and painful reputational damage. Adequate GDPR training for employees ensures that you can avoid these scenarios. Providing adequate GDPR employee training ensures that you can avoid these scenarios.

The Benefits of GDPR Staff Awareness Training for Your Organisation

How is Our GDPR Training Delivered?

We have developed a variety of study modes to suit the needs of your on-site, remote or hybrid working employees

How do you want to learn?

Online Classroom

Interactive online sessions scheduled to work around your business. Professionally experienced tutors bring your course to life from the convenience of the online classroom.


Perfect for learners who prefer the structure of a physical classroom setting. Delivered at your site where confidential discussion can focus on your organisation's specific policy and processes.


Blended delivery tailored to your exact needs. Online for some students and face-to-face for others. Often the way forward with a large Head Office and regionally dispersed teams.

What will you learn?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Should Data Protection Training Include?

Adequate data protection training should:

  • Include awareness training on the requirements of Article 39 of the GDPR
  • Ensure staff understand the policies and procedures of GDPR, how they affect your business, and how compliance should be met
  • The types of sensitive data that your company holds, and how the most basic information can be used maliciously
  • An explanation of key terms and acronyms used in the realm of data protection, for instance what a Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) 

Do I Need to Train Staff on GDPR?

All members of staff must now be trained on GDPR. Training is mandatory under the regulation, and employers should demonstrate that they are taking the necessary steps to comply with the law. JSIG’s GDPR awareness training is a cost-effective and flexible solution to your training needs that helps you comply with the law. 

How Often Should Staff be Trained on GDPR?

The ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) recommends that all staff undertake induction GDPR training and then refresher training at regular intervals. Therefore, we recommend you schedule GDPR refresher training sessions once a year for all staff and at regular intervals for new joiners.