Data Subject Access Request Response Service

Our data subject access request (DSAR) response service helps your organisation respond to DSAR’s in a timely and cost-effective way under the GDPR.

DSAR Compliance

People are becoming increasingly aware of the power of their personal data. Management of personal data is now a public conversation and people are exercising their rights. As an organisation, it has never been more important to be able to respond to DSARs (Data Subject Access Requests) in a confident, compliant and defensible manner. 

At JSIG, we understand the substantial administrative burden that can be placed on an organisation when responding to a DSAR. Set against the requirement to service the request within one month, attention and resource is inevitably drawn away from other productive and billable activities. As a result, we have developed flexible service options which are scalable to accommodate your compliance challenges. 

DSAR support as a Service by JSIG removes the administrative burden and opportunity cost of responding to such requests under the GDPR.


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Average Client Cost Saving

Responding to a DSAR

DSAR Support to Law & Risk Management Firms

JSIG delivers support to providers of outsourced DSAR services.

  • Increase billable hours
  • Massively reduce associated costs
  • Comfortably respond within the timeframe

Full Service End-to-End DSAR Management

When taken in conjunction with our DPO as a Service option, JSIG offers end-to-end management of the DSAR support process.

  • Reduce exposure to risk
  • Free up valuable resource
  • Save money

Why choose the JSIG DSAR Response Service?

JSIG has successfully helped many clients to meet their DSAR obligations. We have a deep understanding of Data Protection regulation and your obligations under the GDPR; you can lean on us to stay on track with your compliance journey. Respond to requests in a confident and compliant manner, within the timeframe prescribed.

Each service option is made bespoke to your organisation and we never use a one-size-fits-all approach. 

What makes JSIG different?

At JSIG we have crafted what we believe is the perfect combination in our DSAR as a Service offering.

Our differentiator: Expert Data Protection Officers powered by Savannah, our advanced discovery and redaction system. Experts with deep technical knowledge leveraging software designed by DPOs, for DPOs and crafted by our leading software developers.

You are not outsourcing to a team carrying out yet more manual discovery, or using tech without the subject matter knowledge, you are outsourcing to a powerful combination of expertise and advanced technology.    

GDPR Article 15 image

What is a Data Subject Access Request (DSAR)?

A data subjects right of access is enshrined in Article 15 of the GDPR which states that the ‘data subject shall have the right to obtain from the controller confirmation as to whether or not personal data concerning them is being processed, and, where that is the case, access to the personal data and the following information’:

  • The purpose of the processing
  • The categories of personal data concerned
  • Who it has been disclosed to (including international transfers)
  • How long the data will be stored
  • Information on the subject's right to rectification, erasure and restriction
  • The source of the data if it was not collected from the subject
  • The existence of automated decision-making, including profiling

How our DSAR Service Works

1. Define the Parameters

We work to understand the parameters of the DSAR - who the data subject is and where to target our search. This will help us to understand exactly what information needs to be accessed.

Savannah discovery image

2. Discover your Exposure

We run a Savannah discovery to identify which files contain Personal Data (Personally Identifiable Information - PII) and Sensitive Personal Data - where your exposure lies as an organisation.

JSIG DSAR as a Service Tier 1 discovery report image

3. DSAR Discovery

The Savannah discovery allows us to zero in on our analysis and will provide a list of files that contain the data subject (and/or their aliases). We find that this process frequently unearths additional aliases which would be considered as Personal Data under the GDPR, but are so easily missed in manual searches.

Savannah DPO review image

4. DPO Review

Our expert Data Protection Officers always review the results, and working together with the client, determine the appropriate course of action. The human element: no auto-generated out-of-context results.

Savannah DPO redaction

5. Redact where Necessary

Following the analysis and DPO review, Savannah is leveraged to make any necessary redactions, permanently obfuscating data not suitable for disclosure.

Distributing executive report from Savannah discovery compliance software

6. Distribute Report

Finally, you receive your report ready for dissemination and onward disclosure.

Learn more about handling DSARs and the Right of Access

Have you received a DSAR?

If your organisation has received a DSAR and you don’t have the in-house expertise or resource to service the request, it is essential that you ensure you are set to respond in a compliant manner. Our combination of expert DPOs leveraging our advanced discovery and redaction system, Savannah, will make sure you receive a comprehensive and cost-effective solution to DSAR support and management. 

DSAR Consultation

Get in touch to arrange a consultation. Let one of our expert consultants demonstrate how we can help you to meet your DSAR obligations at a fraction of the cost.

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