Large Format Scanning Services

Scanning Large Drawings and Transforming them into Rapidly Accessible Electronic Documents

Here at JSIG, we can scan any large-format document you have. We’re not limited to specific types of documents; our large format scanning services allow us to process all sizes. If you have an archive of large format documents or even just a few, we’d love to talk you through your options. We can help you every step of the way with the digital transformation of your large format documents and will happily visit your site to assess your project and provide a free quotation.

What Type of Large Format Drawings can we Scan?

Don’t worry if your type of document is not listed here, our large format scanning services cover an even wider variety of documents than just the examples listed here. If you have something different, get in touch, we’re sure we’ll be able to help

How Do Our Large Format Scanning Services Work?

1- Collection

Our personal collection of your documents means you know where your documents are at all times - in safe hands

2- Preparation

Before we begin scanning any large drawings, our Operations Team ensure your documents are thoroughly prepared and ready to scan - carefully removing post-its, paper-clips and staples

3- Scanning

Your documents are transformed into digital files, in compliance with British Standard BIP0008 for the 'evidential weight and legal admissibility' of electronic documentation

4- Delivery

We return your digitally transformed files via SFTP or encrypted hard drive/USB. Our talented software engineers can also provide bespoke integrations where required.

5 - Complete

We arrange for your files to be securely destroyed or they are returned to your site. Finally, you enjoy the benefits of the completed digital transformation.

Benefits of Large Format Scanning

JSIG document scanning benefit image - Save Space

Save Space

Let us liberate your workplace from mountains of paper. Scanning large drawings and creating digital documents allows you the opportunity to repurpose the valuable wasted space taken up by endless filing cabinets.

JSIG document scanning benefit image - save time

Save Time

Welcome your newly digitized documents into the information age! Enjoy rapid access to your fully text-searchable documents and collaborate with colleagues in previously unimaginable ways.

JSIG document scanning benefit image - Increase Business Resilience

Increase Resilience

Our large format scanning services allow you to operate safely in the knowledge that your vital information is not at risk of fire or flood - protected forever.

JSIG document scanning benefit image - empower your workforce

Empower your Workforce

Global pandemic? Documents stuck in the office or storage? No problem. Work remotely with your digitally transformed archive.

Related Services

We offer much more than just large format scanning services. Think of us as your all-in-one document security and information governance partner. 

image of JSIG archive scanning icon two blues

Archive Scanning

Still have documents from 2013 taking up space in filling cabinets? Turn large volumes of documents into digital documents with our archive scanning services

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Microform Scanning

There was once a time when Microform reigned supreme for space conservation and document storage. Now is the time to introduce your Microform and Microfiche documents to the digital age with our specialty scanning services.

image of JSIG digital scan and redact icon

Digital Scan & Redact

It can be difficult to find, let alone know, what information needs to be redacted. We’ll help you keep in line with GDPR standards by finding and redacting the appropriate information for you.

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Book & Magazine Scanning

Turn your books and magazines into full text searchable digital documents that you can access from anywhere at any time.

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Photo Scanning

Keep your important photos and memories safe by turning them into digital files.

image of JSIG secure document destruction icon two blues

Secure Document Destruction

We can ensure full document and information destruction when your clients need it.

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