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Microfilm and microfiche are two types of microform which were once the very best option for archiving vast amounts of essential data enabling businesses at the time to reduce their need for extensive paper archives. As the digital world continues to grow at an exponential rate, companies must be able to operate with complete access to their entire data sets.

Of course, with the right equipment, it is still possible to retrieve and read microform images, but this comes at a cost. It is an incredibly time-consuming process, and sending a staff member to the archive to search for, locate and load up the reader adds up to crippling amounts of wasted hours year after year. Also, microformats are incredibly vulnerable to degradation through humidity, water and fire damage. The irretrievable loss of your vital business data is often the only outcome.

Our clients are increasingly choosing microfilm and microfiche conversion services to digitally transform their microform archives. Where the original is of good enough quality, microform scanning allows all of your information to be digitally searchable, making regulatory compliance easier to adhere to. Do you know exactly what personally identifiable information you hold in your millions of images? If your archive of microfilm or fiche is full of old employee or customer information for example, have you considered your compliance position with the GDPR?

We can capture and transform each microform image into any format of your choice through our microform scanning services. Where there is readable text, we can apply our microfiche conversion services and advanced OCR technology to make your film images fully text searchable – instantly unlocking the power of your valuable data currently hidden away in old archives. Whatever your business need, our experience in scanning microfilm and microfiche images over the last 18 years means we can expertly guide you through your digital transformation project.

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Microfilm Conversion Services

We can digitise all types of microfilm, including 16mm and 35mm rolls, transforming your images into a format of your choice (TIFF, PDF, also searchable PDFs).

Microfiche Conversion Services

We capture all types of microfiche image from 16mm, 35mm to 70mm fiche. Just like microfilm conversion, you can have your images returned in a format of your choice. Not sure what size your archive is? Not to worry, let one of our experienced team visit your archive where we can give you the best advice on how to move forward with your project.

Aperture Card Conversion Services

Just like microfilm and microfiche, aperture cards are another type of microform, which means they are also vulnerable to degradation through humidity, water and fire damage – even light exposure. A once standard format used to store larger-format documents is often found wanting in today’s digital world. We can either automatically index punched (Hollerith) data if it exists on the card, or manually from the new digital image or the information printed at the top of the aperture card. Either way, you can have peace of mind that once your aperture card archive has been digitally transformed, you will be able to search for and locate your essential business data efficiently.

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Microform Scanning Benefits

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Save Space

Let us liberate your workplace from endless racks of film and fiche. Repurpose the valuable wasted space.Microform scanning means no more physical space used up by the endless racks of film. Everything will be available in your digital archive - meaning you can finally do that office renovation that you’ve been putting off.

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Save Time

Time is a valuable asset, especially in the digital world where information travels at light speed. You’ll be surprised just how much time and energy is saved from investing in digitising your documents through microform scanning. Enjoy rapid access to your fully text-searchable images and collaborate with colleagues in previously unimaginable ways.

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Increase Resilience

Operate safely in the knowledge that your vital information is not at risk of fire or flood - protected forever. Whether you find yourself sitting in a cafe in Spain, or on a wifi enabled bus - all you need is your device, and remote access to your network. Microform scanning means that you’ll never have to worry about leaving important documents at the office or losing important information in the shuffle of everyday life.

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Empower your Workforce

Global pandemic? Documents stuck in the office or storage? No problem. Work remotely with your digitally transformed archive.

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Discover Hidden Data

Know what is truly in your old microfilm and fiches archives by making your records fully searchable. Enhance compliance with our Digital Scan & Redact service powered by our industry-leading software. Rapidly respond to GDPR Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs).

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