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Book Scanning Services

JS Information Governance provides high-quality book scanning services that can be customised to meet your specific needs. We have provided our book scanning services to a wide range of clients, each with their requirements. We would love you to get in touch and discuss your options whether you have just a single important volume, a library or a warehouse full of archived magazines.  

Our Book Scanning Technology

JSIG has invested in sophisticated software and hardware, which we continually develop in-house to help safeguard, enhance and archive literary and print materials for our clients. Our industry-leading technology allows us to scan even the most delicate books. Our scanning operatives wear chemical-free gloves to ensure the utmost care is given to your fragile and valuable volumes (or other bound documents such as parish records, historical journals, technical manuals and academic work).

Our powerful software corrects the image to allow for the book or magazine page curvature providing results that can be used for on-demand printing. Our advanced processes ensure the best quality possible for reprint – often better than the original. 

Working closely with our clients to produce bespoke industry leading solutions has developed what they consider to be the key to our success – the ability to create the highest quality digital files at the smallest practical data sizes. This enables images to be seen at their best in media where small file size means the optimum speed of activity, such as for reproduction online and in eBooks.


Want to find out more about our advanced book scanning services?

Non-destructive Bound Book Scanning Services

Your books remain undamaged with the spine and bindings intact. This service is particularly useful if the books are valuable, rare or indeed the client would prefer them not to be damaged in the process (often if they wish to return them to an archive).

  • Great attention to detail and quality control

  • Scanning at true 600 dpi (higher in some cases)

  • Use of specialist equipment

  • Ability to scan up to A2

  • Data and object security

  • Development of specialist approaches where appropriate to suit client’s specific requirements

Additional options include:

  • Advanced OCR technology to render your scanned books and magazines fully text-searchable

  • Page-turning technology for website and eBook effects.

  • Page clean-up of difficult-to-read items through proprietary digital restoration

  • Non-destructive, non-invasive back-off scanning

Destructive Bound Book Scanning Services

We provide the same level of care and attention as with our Non-Destructive Bound Book Scanning Service only this involves the removal of the spine or bindings typically with a guillotine. We most commonly use this service with magazines, journals and books where only the digitally reproduced image is needed, and the client wishes to have the original copies securely destroyed. We also offer secure document destruction services for your end of information lifecycle needs.

We can deliver the resulting outputs in any format. Still, for long term storage, we recommend (ISO compliant) lossless PDF/A because of its file size and future accessibility advantages over TIFF. If you have any questions about our range of book scanning services get in touch, we’d love to talk you through what we have to offer.

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